Pierre Sadek Foundation

For many years, the political culture of the Arab World has dismissed essential freedom to its people, particularly the freedom of expression. The feeling of suppression soon became dealt with irony, banter and art, which paved the way for many caricature artists to arise. Since then, political caricatures have been one of the most significant forms of political satire.
Whilst some people still question the liberty of self-expression in the Middle East, Lebanon has historically faced higher levels of freedom compared to its neighboring countries. But that does not stop here. We are still aiming for more. The Arab world carries an abundant amount of talented and skilled artists who unfortunately never had access to a viable forum with a clear vision and a defined framework to help them acceed their full potential.
Under the umbrella of the Pierre Sadek foundation, a non-governmental organization established in 2014 to honor Pierre Sadek one of the most notable caricaturists in the Middle East, the Lebanese Caricature Society (LCS) will serve as a platform to combine artists who are interested in the field. LCS will mobilize all its resources and aim to reach the full capacity of its artists, by increasing their knowledge in the field and promoting their work through online and offline methods.
Despite being located in Beirut, Lebanese Caricature Society considers its mission to be of regional scope, and will not limit its activity to Lebanon only, as it believes in the importance of strengthening cultural ties between Arab countries.
We always said that the value of any piece of art is determined by its reachability to the mass public.

Registration for Lebanese Caricature Society

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Participants must submit their editorial drawing(s) or animated editorial cartoon(s) (maximum length 30 seconds) by electronic mail send to: lcs@lebanesecaricaturesociety.com