Picturing History in Beiteddine Festival

JULY 12 – 15 AUGUST EXHIBITION PIERRE SADEK, THE ART OF CARICATURE PICTURING HISTORY This year’s exhibition will be solely dedicated to the outstanding caricatures of Pierre Sadek, more than 400 masterpieces will be displayed from July 12 till August 15. Pierre Sadek’s work is timeless, it constitutes a meticulous record of the history of a country and a region in political, existential and violent turmoil, documenting the names, faces and events that captured the world’s attention during a time of tumult. This exhibition is in collaboration with the Sursock Museum and Pierre Sadek Foundation. #PierreSadekFoundation #PierreSadek #PierreSadekPicturingHistory Beiteddine Art Festival

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